Custom Shades
Follow these easy steps so you'll have the right information ready when you call. We'll tell you how close we can come to your specifications.

1. Select a Size and Type
ROUND SHADES - we need the top diameter, bottom diameter, and height. Round shades come in 3 styles - Empire, Coolie, and Chimney. Empire Shades have more proportional top and bottom dimensions, Coolies look more like hats with a narrow top and wide bottom, and a chimney is designed to fit on an oil lamp glass chimney, with a 4" top only. We have several stock sizes of shades, but can custom create any size you need. See the our price list for the standard shade sizes. Additional fees apply for custom shade sizes.
HEXAGON SHADES - we have a variety of hexagon frames with different tops. The same three measurements are needed, only with a hex frame you measure from point to point across the bottom and top to get the widest dimension. See the price list for the standard size frames and tops we carry. Odd sizes may also be available.

2. Choose a Style
CLIP ON - clips onto the bulb. Available in STANDARD (for round bulbs) or CANDELABRA (for those small pointy bulbs). CANDELABRA clips are also referred to as C-Clips or Flame Clips and are for smaller lamps.
WASHER - small hole fits on a harp and is attached by a finial.
CHIMNEY - fits on an oil lamp style chimney.
UNO - screws onto the socket and hangs down

3. Choose Your Lampshade Paper
BASIC COLORS: white watercolor or sand parchment.

4. Select a Pattern
See our catalog for our standard patterns, or we can do a custom pattern based on your design or to match your fabrics, wallpaper, or theme. (Additional fees apply for custom design work)

5. Painting:
Choose whether or not you want your shade painted. Shades may be left unpainted, painted on the outside (for constant color), or on the inside (color is only seen when the light is on).

6. Lining:
Choose unlined or lined shades. Shades may be left unlined or we will line them with a white fabric for a softer look.

7. Grosgrain Ribbon Trim:
All lampshades have a standard binding holding the wires and paper together. Grosgrain ribbon may be added to provide additional accent colors at the top and bottom of the shade. Trim Colors Available - white, eggshell, yellow, pink, rose, wine, resida green, hunter, copen blue, royal, navy, and black.
Do you need a base for your shade? If so, we have several varieties to choose from. Select the bases from our catalog (we will suggest what size shade goes with each base style.

To place your order...
call us at: 1-866-817-6999
or via fax at: 1-866-817-6888

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